Tennessee Smoke Sear Blend

Tennessee Smoke Sear Blend


At Lodge, we have some pretty strong opinions about food. Our new Sear Blends bring over 125+ years of good eating (and heated debates) to the table, helping you pack big flavor into your favorite foods. Use them over the grill, stove, or even in the oven—all those places cast iron does its best work. Tennessee Smoke is an all-purpose blend that pairs perfectly with everything from steaks and burgers to chicken drummies. Notes of hickory and pepper, rounded out with a classic savory garlic flavor and of course, some Southern sizzle.

  • A special blend of herbs and spices made for searing big flavor into food
  • Non GMO
  • Contains coconut
  • Net weight 6.4oz / 181g
  • Created and distributed in partnership with Old World Spice

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