Meatball Griller BBQ

Meatball Griller BBQ


Meatballs may not be the first food you think of cooking on the grill, but you’ll be wowed by the results once you try it. This aluminum pan features a dozen rounded cavities, designed with perforations at the bottom to allow grill smoke to flavor your food and drain away grease. The curvature of each well helps the meatballs keep their shape as they cook, and makes it simple to turn them so that a crispy exterior is achieved on all sides. This pan also lends a helping hand on the grill with other round foods that tend to roll or tip over, such as tomatoes, stuffed peppers or stuffed mushroom caps.

  • Featuring a PFOA-free nonstick finish
  • For best results, use over low to medium heat
  • Tray can also be set onto a rimmed baking sheet and used in the oven
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in USA

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