Cold Brew Iced Coffee Brewer

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Brewer


At Primula, we create items by exploring how people prepare beverages in different cultures and work to understand the experience and ritual behind these preparations. Identifying why people love different and unique beverages is the first step in our creative process, and our products are designed to connect with that rationality. Crafted from temperature safe borosilicate glass while utilizing a stainless steel mesh that doesn’t alter the flavor, our Cold Brew Glass Coffee Maker is an ideal and innovative solution for brewing refreshing, chilled coffee. It produces coffee that’s up to 65% less acidic and naturally sweeter than any heat brewed variety, making it the perfect accouterment for creating rich, smooth, and icy cold cups of coffee to jolt you awake in the morning or to make it through those long summer days. Best of all, the Primula Cold Brew Glass Coffee Maker and its contents can easily be stored away in a refrigerator or freezer for up to 2 weeks without losing any flavor. It also conveniently fits in most refrigerator doors. Get brewing!

  • EASY TO USE – Brew, store and serve all in one. A simple four step process: 1) add Coffee grounds to brew filter. 2) pour cold water over Coffee. 3) brew in the refrigerator overnight (or longer if you prefer stronger Coffee. 4) serve and enjoy.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – Made of extra-tough borosilicate glass. Specially designed lid seals in freshness for up to two weeks and provides a smooth, drip-free pour. Fine mesh Coffee filter keeps grounds out of your coffee. Non-slip silicone base protects the glass from accidental slips. Use the included Flavor Mixer to dress up and easily mix your coffee up.
  • PERFECT COMPACT SIZE – Large enough for multiple servings yet still fits most refrigerator doors. This cold brew coffee maker makes up to five servings of delicious, smooth cold brew coffee or tea.
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES – Use your favorite coffee grounds or tea and base your brew time on desired strength. Coffee lovers can add favorite flavors such as vanilla, cinnamon or coconut before cold brewing while tea lovers can add mint or citrus zest.
  • EFFORTLESS CLEAN UP – This cold brew maker is dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze. Includes a removable brew filter with a removable bottom to easily empty used grounds.

BRAND: Primula


Glass, Silicone, Plastic

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