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For any drinker looking for a bit of Irish hospitality The Best Irish Drinks delivers the best collection of information on Irish liquors and beer, recipes, and more!

The green country of Ireland is known for its comforting cooking, incredible community, and rich history. And in any pub, you can also find a wide variety of drinks perfect for any Irish toast.

Bartender magazine publisher Ray Foley is the ultimate authority on bartending, and in this book he turns his expert eye towards the stories and flavors behind Irish drinks you can make in your own home for any St. Patrick’s Day or cozy Sunday dinner!

  • Irish whiskies
  • Gin, mead, and creams
  • Beer, Stout, Lager
  • Toasts & wisdoms
  • Triads of Ireland
  • And more!

The Best Irish Drinks is the perfect gift for any Irish Rose or budding mixologist looking to get a bit closer to the home country.

For every wound, a balm.For every sorrow, cheer.For every storm, a calm.For every thirst, a beer.


Beautifully Illustrated

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