Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook

Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook


Healthier versions of your fried favorites—all under 500 calories!
Using an air fryer is fast, convenient—and healthy. You need less oil to cook food and you can use healthier ingredients than traditional fried foods. Registered dietician Dana Angelo White, the nutrition expert for Food, has developed recipes that have fewer calories and less fat than the same recipes you’d make in a deep fryer.
Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook features:

  • 100 recipes for breakfast essentials, healthier mains, lighter sides, wholesome snacks, and (less) sinful desserts
  • Nutrition per serving for calories, carbs, fat, and other nutrients
  • Expert advice from Dana Angelo White on how best to use your air fryer

None of the recipes in this book compromise on the flavors you’d expect. And you can still enjoy all your fried favorites—donuts, French fries, and, yes, chicken wings—without feeling guilty. Plus, you can make foods you didn’t think an air fryer could make, including steak fajitas, shrimp scampi, and cookies. So equipped with this book, you don’t have to let your air fryer continue to sit on your kitchen counter!


100 Great Recipes

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