Party Recipes Tiny Book

Party Recipes Tiny Book


Create a party with fun, unique recipes that are easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy.

Tiny Book of Party Recipes is filled with bite-size appetizers, small entrées, petite desserts, and beverages that make throwing your next party a snap. Whether a holiday soirée, game-day gathering, or fancy tea party, all will become memorable occasions with stylish small bites and delectable tidbits from this new book.

No-fuss recipes can make having a party more enjoyable for the host. With these recipes you don’t have to plan weeks ahead, in just a few hours you can entertain with less hassle and less time in the kitchen. It’s so simple you will be ready to plan another party soon! Whether for use in your own kitchen or to give as a gift, you will love this beautiful book quick party recipes. With full color photographs that inspire serving ideas, you will have a favorites list in no time for special occasions and celebrations to come.

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