Pasta For All Seasons Cookbook

Pasta For All Seasons Cookbook


Authentic Italian flavors and cooking techniques join forces with seasonal, regional ingredients for a delicious and deceptively simple collection of 50 pasta dishes for vegetarians, meat-lovers, and pescatarians alike.

Fresh ingredients, fresh pasta, innovative dishes. What’s not to like? Rising Seattle chef Michela Tartaglia has developed 50 seasonal recipes that showcase the best of Northwest seafood, produce, and meat in creative, deeply satisfying pasta dishes. 

Using favorite ingredients such as salmon and clams and foodie favorites like nettles and chanterelles, this book offers home cooks dishes that are as comforting as a favorite spaghetti or fettucine dish but as bold and exciting as a hot new restaurant entrée. In addition, a pasta primer helps home cooks make fresh pasta at home and choose the right pasta shape for the right sauce or dish.

  • Conchiglie Rigate with Pacific Northwest Wild Fiddlehead Fern, Leek and Walnut Pesto, Fiore Sardo and Aleppo Pepper
  • Orecchiette with Pacific Northwest Spot Prawns, Purple Asparagus, and Lemon
  • Pipe with Pacific Northwest Morels, Pancetta, Walnuts, Ricotta and Saffron
  • Author Chef Michela Tartaglia
  • 50 seasonal recipes

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