Spam The Cookbook

Spam The Cookbook


A practical and lighthearted collection of 20 new recipes that make use of the world’s most famous brand of tinned meat.

If all the cans of Spam ever eaten were placed end to end, they would circle the globe ten times. Residents of Hawaii eat an average of 4 cans of Spam per person each year–more than any other place on earth! It’s retro, it’s fun, and it’s about lunchmeat! Just think of how many friends you could give this to! And be sure to keep a copy for yourself, because you don’t want to miss out on the fun, the lively anecdotes, and the merry memories of Spam dinners.

From the giant Spam can on a building to the fastest Spam can on earth (it’s a car) to the hilarious Spam song intoned by the Monty Python troupe, this is an irresistible treat. Packed with drawings and photos from the nostalgic to the wacky, featuring 20 recipes that will redefine your idea of the Spam meal, this scrapbook of Spam treasures is one delicious treat!

  • 20 new recipes


20 Recipes You Will Treasure

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