Superfood Slaw Cookbook

Superfood Slaw Cookbook


SUPERSLAW includes high-nutrient vegetable-based recipes that will empower habits for a healthier diet, boost your energy, improve your immunity, and help you recover after exercise. The slaws can be whizzed up in any food processor (or with a knife and chopping board) making preparation simple and fun for those with busy lifestyles. In addition to 60 base recipes of nutritionally dense, micro-chopped vegetables, 120 tips suggest how to transform the slaws using tasty toppers such as nuts, grains, and meats, as well as how to morph them into substantial, flavorsome meals including soups, wraps, and bakes. These delicious SuperSlaws provide maximum nutrition, variety, value, and taste, and don’t require any extra time or effort in the kitchen. Organized by nutritional benefits like hydrolyze, immunity, energy booster, revitalize, recovery, thermic & spicy. These recipes are: superFAST, superVERSATILE, superCONVENIENT, superRESOURCEFUL, superTASTY, and superHEALTHY.

  • 60 base recipes of nutritionally dense
  • 120 tips suggest how to transform the slaws


Vegetable Solutions for People

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