Wok 12 Inch Carbon Steel Pro

Wok 12 Inch Carbon Steel Pro


Experience the art of Asian cooking with the Joyce Chen Professional Series 12-Inch Carbon Steel Stir Fry Pan. This stir-fry pan is a compact version of our flat-bottom wok and is perfect for those looking for a space-saving option that can be used on all stovetops.

Made with 1.8mm gauge carbon steel, this flat bottom wok is a lightweight, versatile, and durable option for making Asian cuisine in the comfort of your kitchen. The more you use it the better it gets as the uncoated surface of this carbon steel pan will develop a unique seasoning that adds delicious umami flavors to any dish cooked in it. The removeable resin handle will stay cool when cooking and is oven safe up to 350 degrees. For even more cooking options, simply remove the handle and let your food simmer in the oven up to 500 degrees.

The Professional Series 12-Inch Carbon Steel Stir Fry Pan is an essential piece of cookware for Asian cuisine that doesn’t compromise on quality.

  • Versatile pan sears and chars like a wok but in a more compact form factor
  • Made with 1.8mm gauge carbon steel for a lightweight and durable stir-fry pan
  • Flat bottom style stays balanced on traditional stove tops without extra accessories, making it easy to use for anyone
  • Uncoated surface develops unique seasoning for added umami flavor with use
  • Resin handle stays cool and remains oven safe up to 350 degrees, while the pan itself can simmer food up to 500 degrees when the handle is removed
  • Durable and built to last, this stir fry pan is a reliable choice for any home or professional chef
  • Season the uncoated surface often to get the most life, flavor, and character out of your wok
  • Hand wash for best results
  • Dimensions: 20″L x 12″round x 3″H

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