Seam Kleen Clear Silicone

Seam Kleen Clear Silicone


Are you tired of scrubbing build up and crumbs between the range and countertop of your kitchen? Save yourself time and a little elbow grease with the Kleen Seam by Range Kleen. Bridging the gap between the range and countertop, the Kleen Seam keeps crumbs, grime, and dirt from falling in a hard to reach crevice.  

  • 1 unit per package
  • 20.5-inches long
  • 2.25-inches wide
  • Made of silicone, may have an opaque appearance
  • Prevents items from falling through
  • Easy to clean
  • Trimmable with household scissors
  • Multi-purpose seam can also be used under door drafts during harsh winter months
  • Great between washer and dryer

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