Baggie Opener Professional

Baggie Opener Professional


It’s like an extra set of hands! Holds baggies open for easy filling. Simply place bags under clips and fill.  It’s that easy! Adjustable arms hold various size bags. The Baggy Opener folds flat for storage and works with most size storage bags.

  • SUCTION CUP KEEPS STAND UPRIGHT TO AVOID SPILLING. It’s easy to bump over a loaded rack making a mess and wasting food. The reinforced base prevents spills, waste and frustration for easier clean up.
  • ADJUSTABLE ARMS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SIZE PLASTIC ZIP UP STORAGE BAGS. Gallon, quart, sandwich and snack baggies all fit comfortably and securely to store snacks and full left-over meals, hands free.
  • SAVE MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT BY RECYCLING PLASTIC BAGS. When done with your leftovers, rinse the baggy out and place on one arm of the Baggy Rack Pro to let it air dry, then reuse the bag next time.


Holds storage bags open.

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