Easy Open Multi Tool

Easy Open Multi Tool


Whether trying to open a pull tab or pry top bottle or can, stubborn home vent or light fixture or nearly anything else, Easy Open gets the job done. It won’t take up much space wherever you keep it, but it will always be right where you need it when the time comes with an easy to grip handle to tackle any job. You never know when you or someone near you is going to struggle to get something opened. Be the hero each and every time with this super handy pry tool to quickly save the day. Prying open containers can be painful or damage fingers, nails or finished surfaces. Easy Open takes the pain out of opening anything and won’t scratch paint. It can be time consuming and agitating when something won’t open with brute force. Make your life easier with the Easy Open Multitool Pry Accessory for all your needs.

  • Small but mighty to help open virtually anything
  • Fits right on your keychain
  • Virtually endless uses
  • Protect fingernails and painted surfaces 
  • Save time and frustration

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