Hold the Straw, Please!

One of my favorite things I used to do was to hit a drive through or convenience store for a fountain pop. The satisfaction of sipping an ice-cold beverage through a straw while tooling about my day was a regular treat. But what happens to all those straws once I’ve gotten my refreshing fix? My beverage may have lasted a couple of hours, but that disposable straw will last forever. I know, it sounds melodramatic, but really, just because I toss it in the trash and it’s out of my sight, doesn’t mean it is really gone. I am only one person, but the number of straws I’ve discarded over my lifetime is staggering.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE using a straw. It makes it easier to drink while driving because I don’t have to tip my head back and compromise my visibility of the road. Using a straw allows me to drink colder beverages because I have sensitive teeth and it prevents chipping my teeth on an unforgiving rim. It helps me to drink more than I would if I weren’t using a straw, so straws are not evil. The fact that we use them only once and then throw them away is what causes problems for our environment.

So, if you are still with me, let me assure you that you don’t have to give up your straws! There are ways around using a single-use plastic product, such as a drinking straw. I own a collection of silicone, acrylic and even stainless-steel straws I use EVERY SINGLE DAY. All are dishwasher safe and have allowed me to break my disposable straw habit. To help you find your solution, check out our short drinking straws, perfect for juice glasses or on the rocks glasses, our nylon tip stainless straws which prevent your lips coming in contact with stainless steel, or our smoothie straws, perfect for smoothies, milkshakes or any other thick liquid.

At Function Junction, we are so excited about our expanding line of eco-friendly products and want to share them with you! Please consider attending our Shop for our Earth party on Sunday, April 28th, from 1:00pm to 2:30pm. We will celebrate our new product lines with sips and nibbles, and exchange ideas on how we can all work to reduce the amount of single-use plastics we throw away each day.

Enjoy a 20% discount off eco-friendly items all day long and ONLINE.

Hope to see you here!

Signed, The Happy Eater

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