As I ponder what to write about eggs…the jingle from my childhood bounces around in my head, “The Incredible, Edible Egg”, which was an advertising slogan for the American Egg Board in the late 70’s. I remember when eating eggs was good for you, then I remember also how eating eggs raised your cholesterol and increased your risk for getting heart disease. Which is true?? It didn’t take me long to google health benefits of eggs, which explains, to my inquiring mind (another marketing blast from the 70’s) where eggs fall in the spectrum of overall health.

My vote is …..yes, they are GOOD for you in moderation, as with most other things. My favorite way to eat an egg is deviled at an outdoor picnic or perhaps scrambled with melted Colby-jack cheese. Some of my friends prefer their eggs baked into cakes and cookies, but that method of preparation takes a sideways turn from maximizing the healthful potential of these little high protein, nutrient packed nuggets.

So, what is the easiest way to conjure up a healthy egg dish which is also delicious? The first consideration is whether to use an oil or fat. Personally, I prefer butter for everything, but some like bacon grease as a frying medium as well. Each adds a specific flavor, so it depends on what you want. Ok, back to butter…this recipe for Potato & Basil Frittata uses a whole stick of butter, but only part of it for frying, the rest lends itself to the velvety filling created by eggs. And cheese. But wait, we were discussing HEALTHY egg dishes. This is not a low-fat recipe, but it is delicious.

For healthy, delicious egg dishes, we turn to cooking without the use of oils or fats. This is made much easier by using tools such as our silicone microwave omelet pan. Simply whisk two eggs with a bit of water or milk and pour into one side of the pan. Close the lid and microwave for two minutes, carefully flip the pan over in the microwave and cook for another 30 seconds. Salt and pepper to taste. To add veggies, watch this video clip.

To create a healthier version of the famous McMuffin, use our microwave breakfast sandwich maker to make the perfect sized and shaped egg to fit a standard English muffin. Layer with your favorite veggies and lean protein to create a nutritious breakfast in a hurry.

To try your hand with these and other egg tools come to our Culinary Test Drive featuring Egg-Stremely Easy Breakfasts, March 9th at Function Junction in Crown Center.

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