Luck o’ the Irish – St. Patricks Day

Are you a lucky person? What does it mean to have good luck? Is it really luck or is it karma, or something even more divine?

Sometimes I cross my fingers for good luck or toss a pinch of salt over my shoulder. In this season where we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, shamrocks pop up as festive expressions of luck and rivers and fountains run temporarily green. At Function Junction we have our own ways of spreading luck and good cheer and we invite you to join in the fun! On Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day Eve, we will have sugar cookies just waiting for you to decorate them. To enhance your luck in creating tasty holiday cookies for any season, check out our Silicone Baking Mat to help prevent burning and make clean up a snap. Also discover how easy it is to create frosting designs using these Decorating Bulbs, which allow you to get pastry bag results without all the fuss. With 6 tips and two bulbs and a beautifully illustrated box for storage. Give it a try! I’ll be seeing ya.

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