Unexpected Beauty

As we rush along through our busy days packed with soccer practice, ballet lessons, meetings with the tax people and putting dinner on the table for our household, it is easy to overlook all the little blessings whirling around us, if we but stop and take note. Here in the heartland, after a long, cold winter pocked with potholes and too many snow days, we are ready for spring to burst forth. A colorful pot of flowers brought me great happiness over the weekend and caused me to look for other signs of beauty along the way.

This Saturday at Function Junction we will show you how to create beauty in the top of your latte! Using a stainless-steel frothing pitcher and our Kuissential battery operated frothing whisk, Jill will create lovely designs using the foamed milk. And what perfect compliment to a gorgeous latte but a delightful biscotti? Nibble on Almond Biscotti and reflect on the beauty surrounding you today.

Signed, the Happy Eater